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Sales As Service To Others

All of us are involved in sales in one form or another, whether it’s growing our sales numbers or asking the boss for a raise. We can always improve those sales skills. I heard a great perspective on the sales process and I thought share it with you. It goes like this: If you are congruent,…

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How To Manifest a Dream

How to Manifest a Dream

We all have dreams in life, yet for most of us, we never fully realize those dreams. In many cases we don’t know what we want in life. And if we do, we don’t know how to manifest them and make them come alive for us. A friend shared a 4-step process that really works well for…

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Making a Choice Is Powerful

At any time you can decide to alter the course of your life; it’s your choice. No one can ever take that away from you. You can do what you want to do and be who you want to be. Nature is constantly at work around you. You have the power to choose which impulse…

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You’re Always In Charge of You

You’re the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. While your character is formed by circumstances, your own desires can do much to shape those circumstances. Thus, you have the power over the formation of your own character. Nature is always at work around you. Your character and destiny are her handiwork.…

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Follow the Path of Others to Success

You can learn from other people to make up for your lack of experience in any area of life. Be open and receptive to the people around you. They have things to teach you about success. Take advantage of the people that have made the journey ahead of you. Try to pick the right role…

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Your Life Responds to Your Outlook

The dreams you choose to believe in come to be. When you feel in your innermost being that you will achieve what you set out to do, you open the way for miracles. Life responds to your outlook and attitude. Choose to believe something good can happen. Expecting it to happen energizes your goal and…

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You Can See Your Future With a Vision

Study your present situation thoroughly with vision. Go over in your imagination the various courses of actions possible to you. Visualize the consequences which can follow from each course. Pick out the course that gives you the most promise, and go ahead. Many successful people use this skill of mental visualization. They mentally run through important…

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Life Is a Big Adventure

You need to focus on your present, not your future or your past. Prepare for your future, don’t live in the past. Relish your good memories and use any bad ones as lessons in life. Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can. The cards you’re dealt in life are less…

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Successful Action Is Cumulative In Results

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. Many people take the first step and then stop. Yet, with every additional step you take, you enhance immensely the value of your first step. All masters of success are chiefly distinguished by their power of adding a second, a third, and…

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Your Choices Are Unlimited

You don’t have to buy from anyone. You don’t have to work at any particular job. You don’t have to participate in any given relationship. You can choose. You steer the course you choose in the direction of where you want to be today, tomorrow, or in a distant time to come. You hold the…

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