Glenn Andrew
Glenn Andrew

If the fear of public speaking is this nation’s most intense one, the fear of meeting new people is the runner up. Becoming successful in any field requires perseverance, willpower, talent and that x-factor: the ability to connect with others.

It is through developing quality, professional relationships that an aspiring success reaches that level, and Glenn Andrew is the networking coach and mentor who can help you make it happen. As he states, “I am ready to help you achieve your dreams if you are ready to put in the work.”

Glenn utilizes his 20+ years of corporate experience, network marketing and business development expertise in his systemic approach to working with clients on building their personal skills and networking from the ground up. His diversified background and skill set enable him to enrich clients on a holistic level; he understands people have complex personalities and works with clients on multiple levels to achieve balance and an integrated focus. He enjoys coaching on business matters, personal health and life skill development, and his audience is as broad as his services; Glenn talks with coaches and shares his insights with over 10,000 people daily.

If you are seeking to become more, make a greater impact on others and be of service with your talents, connect with Glenn right away.

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