10 Goal Setting Tips

10 Networking TipsGoal setting is one of the most important activities you will ever do in your personal and business life.  It is an activity that all successful people engage in and this is why so much has been written and spoken about it.  In this article, I share a few thoughts I’ve learned on this important topic.

The value of setting goals can be summed up in the immortal words of baseball great Yogi Berra, “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.”  These words ring so true. Having a clear objective of where you want to be or what you want to achieve is key to your success in getting there.  Goal setting helps you keep focus and on track with your objectives.

Tips on Writing Goals

The first step to manifesting your goals is to write them down.  I suggest actually writing them down instead of typing them out to begin with.  The creative process is an organic one and putting pen to paper helps you internalize and visualize them.  Write them down and then begin refining them.  Here are a few tips to help you with that process:

  • Create goals that are a stretch for you, yet achievable. The bigger they are, the greater the possibilities in your personal and business life.  By increasing the scope of your dreams and aspirations, you will be able to accomplish much more than you currently realize you can and the rewards will be that much greater.
  • Make your goals measurable and specific. Establish a time for completion or a threshold to be crossed.  Prioritize your goals and list them in an order that makes sense for you.  And remember that it’s common for some sub goals to be interrelated and that some sub goals build upon others.  But there should be one overall, guiding goal in mind.
  • Make them powerful and dynamic. If you want your life to have an impact, then your goals must be so aligned.  Use action verbs to help define them accordingly.
  • State your goals as if they are already completed and write them in the present tense. Here we use the law of attraction to begin the process of manifesting what we want in our life.
  • Under your personal goals, commit to changing something about yourself. Imagine who you will become as you achieve your goals and actively chose to be that new and different person.  If you are perceptive, you will notice that life leaves clues for you.  And if you act upon those clues, you will find yourself gradually transforming into what you want to become. Be patient, yet enthusiastic.

Reinforcing Activities

Engage in some form of daily activity that will help you visualize and reinforce your goals fulfilled.  If you are enthusiastic about your goals, then it is easy to take action.  Here are a few examples of activities you might engage in:

  • Create a dream board collage. Gather pictures from different magazines that represent the life of your dreams, such as your dream vacation, your dream car, your dream house, your dream business, and so on.  Paste these pictures on a poster board or cork board.  You will need a lot of pictures to fill this board so dive into the process.  When you have finished, put this in a place that you will see it many times each day.  And have fun with the process.  Dare to dream the life you’ve always wanted!
  • Create a 2-3 minute video for a lasting multimedia experience. You can start by creating a PowerPoint presentation with positive affirmations and pictures.  These affirmations should be phrased as if you’ve already achieved each goal, such as “I am financially independent,” “I enjoy perfect health and well-being,” or “I vacation whenever I want to.”  Like the dream board collage just mentioned, the pictures for your video should also represent your dream life.  Be sure to include music that gets you excited and pumped up; for example, choose a favorite song.  Then play your video daily on your computer or smart phone to help get you into the right frame of mind.  If you don’t possess the skills to put it together, then go to Fiverr.com and hire a videographer to create one for you.  This is an extremely powerful technique for attracting the type of life your goals will help you achieve.
  • Form a mastermind group or a support group. A fresh perspective can stimulate new ideas on how to reach your goals.  Ask people that you know and trust to join your group.  If you are crafting business goals, ask people who are in business with you or who are business acquaintances.  If you need help finding the right people for your group, use the social and professional networks online to find other likeminded people so you can develop a relationship with them and eventually build your group.  I suggest connecting together by the phone or online.  You can easily find free conference services by searching for “free conference service” online.
  • Keep track of your goals journey by using a journal or a diary. Include the successes you are having, as well as, the obstacles you encounter.  Ask yourself, “Am I doing all I can do to achieve my goals?”, “What is holding me back?”, and “What can I do to move forward consistently and effectively?”  Then start brainstorming and let the ideas flow forth.  Imagine a river of ideas that are at your disposal and all you have to do is to jump in and partake.
  • Reward yourself as you achieve incremental steps towards your goals. Take yourself out to dinner or go out to a movie.  Chose something that helps motivate you to take consistent, effective action.  And when you achieve your each major goal, give yourself a big reward.  Plan in advance what that big reward will be and it will help motivate you to taking action while you are on the journey.

In Summary

Remember, goal setting is a two-step process.  The first step is to know what your goals are; define them, make sure they are specific and measurable, and write them down on paper.  The second step is to take consistent, effective action toward achieving them.  If you follow these two simple steps to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself, then you will reap the rewards from your actions.  To your continuing success!

What are some of your favorite goal setting tips?

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