All of us are involved in sales in one form or another, whether it’s growing our sales numbers or asking the boss for a raise. We can always improve those sales skills. I heard a great perspective on the sales process and I thought share it with you. It goes like this:

If you are congruent, you believe in yourself and your product or service, you are focused on the prospect’s goals, and you know you are filling a need, then you will naturally be confident and effective. If any of these four aspects are not true, then you may want to stop and re-evaluate where you are and what you are doing. If these things are true, then the true meaning of “sale”, which comes from an Old Norse word meaning “to serve”, will be true and in place.

There are always two sales going on. The first one is the sale you are making to your prospect. This is the true service of helping another solve a problem, relieve a pain, or improve an image. If everything about your solution makes perfect sense for the prospect, but they are saying “No”, then they don’t believe they can have the solution because of whatever limitations they have in their mind. That brings to the second sale.

The second sale going on is the prospect selling you his or her limitations, his or her excuses. Do not buy it! If you succeed in your sale, you both win. If the prospect succeeds in selling themselves on that, you both lose.

Not only do they lose the benefit of your product or service or solution and you do not get paid for sales, but their limiting beliefs will be reinforced and be more real for them, and it may reinforce that belief for you.

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